The 50's Diner : Not Your Ordinary Fastfood


Somewhere in the Cabinet Hills of Baguio City is a lovely 50's style restaurant called "50's Diner". They've been relocated to this site years ago (this restaurant was formerly located near the Baguio City Hall and Rizal Park with a red convertible on top of the entrance). I've seen this several years ago but I never took notice of it until last January of 2009 I got a taste of their sumptuous burgers and milkshakes after 9 long years.

The interiors will give you a feel of the 50's - complete with vintage posters from the era, a jukebox, and some pink neon lights. Oh I love pink!

Last Sunday, me and my friends had a chance to reserve a good seat inside 50's Diner (as the place gets full all the time, by mostly, Koreans). I ordered myself this unforgetable "Famous 50's Burger" - comes with fries on the side and their homemade Chocolate shake - all for about Php 200.

Service - 3 out of 5 stars (the waitresses inside don't smile at all - the 50's era was a happy era not a snobbish one)
Ambience - 4 out of 5 stars (they could've made the jukebox displayed inside work)
Food - a perfect 5 - I love the milkshake, complements well with their burger and fries!
Overall Rating - 4 out of 5 stars (a fab dining experience indeed)

I will be back by the end of month for sure - to have dinner with my family on a post-birthday celebration!

Photos of 50's Diner facade courtesy of Dickens Polidario (Thank you!)