The Pinkish Life : A Fresh Start

A year ago I made a new domain for this 5-year old blog. This has been my blog for many years since I came out of the closet. Last April 20, the domain expired and a day later, was snatched away from me by some Indonesian blogger. I'm sorry I won't buy back my old domain from you. Keep it and make sure that my old domain's contents will be as gay as it was. Try at least.

I am now starting anew. New domain, new chapter, new start - I guess I just have to dig deeper and find new ideas to dominate the blogging world again. My blog needs to be gay again (I was reading back some of my old posts way way back - my life was gay-er then!)

This blog is still the same old "PINK is the new BLACK" - only "The Pinkish Life Version 3".

The road to a pinkish life starts now!


Komara said...

Hi, I just keep that domain for you... :D

you may get it back Friends....