Old Domain - New Image

After a three day struggle to get my old domain back - I actually got my old and trusty domain back just now. Been having some issues with my web hosting service in the past few days. You may disregard the new link I made up. Whew!

Thanks to Thet for helping me out in the past 24 hours - I can now get my groove back!

I guess we are now off to a fabulous fresh start! Old Domain - New Image.

I'm wondering what to do with my pinkishlife.info domain. Any suggestions?

Random Thought (Update)
My cousin is thinking of selling few class A stuff we normally call as "handbags" - apparently he has seen a huge market for girls who would go ga-ga over a designer-looking and quite fabulously-looking handbags. Well, Manila is no stranger to those kind of things because a $100 would go a long way if you want loads of cheap handbags. Just think of Greenhills.

The unused domain at the moment might come in handy - I offered him this domain for the possible business venture. The name would match the handbag whorring business!

Now we've got to window-shop for possible bags and time to research on possible business prospects!


This coming month of May, there will be two celebrations: one is Mother's Day and my twenty-something birthday (clue: just going halfway through it).

These are the things I am actually looking forward to this coming month. I will consider this month as the month where I will put behind me the present global crisis and the things that go along with it and focus on all possible jumpstarts in life.

Its been a year since I got to let go of that happened close to a year ago - May 2008 was a whirlwind of emotions, a very scary rollercoaster ride, and somehow a bit blissful. My friends can tell you that (and a few who have read my blog ever since it started).

I have learned now that being single is really a huge blessing. Being with someone is also a good thing but it’s a mixture of being blessedly in love and at the same time being stucked in only one place. I don’t like that. After the blissful months, I actually found a lot of time to travel around without planning ahead and spend more time with the things I neglected for a while.

Now, all these things will just become part of my personal history. And will definitely be charged to experience. Now, I'm off to a brighter start ahead! Definitely a new start indeed :-)