More Set of Birthday Wishlist

I'm pretty sure I will make my wishlist happen this month. some items may take a month or so before I can actually have them at hand!

A good pair of Dansko sandals.

I can feel I will be travelling more in the next few months - its either I wear a good pair of cross-trainers or good-soled sandals especially when walking. By the looks of this sandal in the picture it must be comfy on the feet.

Ipod Docking System

I need a bigger and better one this time.

Trip to Thailand

Although this favorite destination of mine is experiencing some government crisis - I'd still love to visit the temples and taste the authentic Thai cuisine. I really want to go here soon - hopefully before the year ends.

Concert Tickets to Beyoncé's "I Am...Tour"

Please come back to Manila, Miss Sasha Fierce :-) I'll get myself a VIP seat this time! (If..and only if she stops by)