Guilty and Bi-Looking?

I was listening to Tambalan with Nicole-hyala and Chris Tsuper this morning and one of the listeners sent a real-life scenario about his sexuality. He is a self-proclaimed bisexual. We call it "bi" for short.

It was really funny because they did not even solved the message sender's issue - instead they went on and analyzed what "bi" means nowadays. Nicole-hiyala actually referred to it as "bi - yot" (for Bayot - another term for gay) and the guys who call themselves "bi" are just tagging themselves with this name. I guess me and Nicole-hyala have the same opinion about this. Most gays tagging themselves as "bi" or "bisexual" does not themselves to be emasculated.

She said bi's are way different from the usual parlor gays. What is more hilarious is when they described what a "bi" guy looks like: they usually look clean and smells good, handsome looking without any signs of being homosexual but when you look closely they are wearing lip gloss. Sometimes a typical "bi" would be seen on the train or in the the FX taxis carrying a pouch bag full of vanity stuff: concealer, foundation, lip gloss, a mirror, lotion and other vanity stuff.

I was laughing my heart out this morning - because she asked the listeners to look around them especially to FX taxi passengers to see if their male seat mate has their own pouch bag.

"Uy, tinago ni kuya pouch bag niya - di alam kung saan isisilid!"

I was heavily affected by the descriptions mentioned! I have my own pouch bag! Inside you can see the following:

a pack of oil control film
2 Nivea Lip Balm - one Strawberry and one Essential (its not lip gloss but they're glossy enough hehehe)
1 strawberry Chap Stick
a small bottle of Avena lotion
some vitamin C


I had a great time listening to them. You can hear them everyday on LOVE RADIO 90.7 - most of their listeners are jeepney, FX, and taxi dirvers. They make my commuting enjoyable and fun experience.

See them in action in this sample video: