Free Your Ass


I just need to write this down. I could not even give out straight thoughts but I'm sure I will get to my point.

Me and my colleauge has been saving your ass even if you are no longer part of our group. To the last point, exhausted all efforts despite your unacceptable behavior towards work. You are a drama queen and your immaturity will not save your ass - I am telling you right now.

This morning, I was just playing with you and - because apparently you have found yourself your saving grace. But telling us in a funny manner - which is actually not funny "I'm off to a better place", "Finally, I'm free", and remarks that tells us that we suck and you rock with your new-found job. What a way to suck it up to the people still working around you - who are actually in good standing - way too far better than where you're at before you decided to call it quits.

Oh well, I wish you well on your new journey. Again, keep your dramatic attitude towards work, your childish approach will surely get you to the same place - if you don't change and get rid of your "drama queen" antics. You are no longer in high school - grow up.


ruther said...

hahaha..i couldn't agree more!