An Unacceptable Truth


I just had a difficult week.

It’s not about work, nor my new-found revenue-generating business. It’s not about the negative forces around me either (without this recent discovery – my past week could’ve been one of the best this month). It’s about something sensitive.

It’s something about “coming out”.

For the first time since I came out of my fabulous closet – I felt what my mother felt when she knew that I was really her Ariel, her “Dyesebel”, her eldest daughter.

I appreciate that people share their deepest secrets – I somehow become an outlet for others especially to some of my closest friends.

This time my shock absorbing abilities failed me.

When my friend told me the real score about it, it blew me away. Worst I even told this person that I need to have time to accept it, that my system still rejects this piece of valuable information (my apologies). For a moment I thought, I think it’s time for me to go back to my old ways, to be straight again, to make the entire 3rd sex population be less than one gay for good.

I know it would be hypocritical of me to do that. The thought was actually bad – I should’ve thought of something else. Now that the truth is in my face, as an old member of the gay population – I should welcome this person in my life as a new member in my eyes. Just in my eyes.

I’d still treat you with the same respect, because after all we’re friends. Just give me a week more to recuperate. After that, we’ll slide somewhere over the rainbow.

I’m your friend and will always be.


This past week, a number of people said to me that they wish I was straight. I could be an effective straight acting guy.

How timely.

If you want me to be straight or to act straight, you’ll hate it.


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