An Unacceptable Truth Part Deux

Is my gaydar not working properly these days. Can the modern technology come up with a gay barcode technology along with gay barcode scanners to easily scan unsuspecting gay people?

Ugh, too much sleep I guess.

I just had the loneliest weekend ever, it is also the most boring ever. It was only cut short when I saw my friends whose with me in my Cebu-Bohol experience a week ago. There might be a part deux. We'll never know until budget and time permits us.

This Saturday, I went to work after some things were abruptly cancelled. I worked some unfinished stuff, then sent an email to ask my boss if I can do a slide shift on Friday to attend my sister's high school graduation the next morning.

Hope this time he approves it. After all, it is better to do than to take a day off from work.

Another Monday. Geez.