With only three kittens remaining in the garage - it will be easier now for us to manage them all. My helper is preparing herself to throw the remaining ones. The black kitten I accidentally stepped on did not manage to survive. She completely healed herself however, she got infected with flu days before I left for Bohol. May her kitty soul rest in peace. Again, I did not mean to harm you.

One of the three kittens will be given to an expat friend of mine - she needs company now. I told her to prepare some cat supplies before she gets my little pussy cat this weekend.

Next week we will have two - and these, for me, can definitely stay behind. When they first cam out, I hated it, but somehow they touched a soft spot in my heart. They also touched the lives of my old dog, Craig.


ruther said...

sige..magluksa tau sa kuting...LOL