Little Britain

Little Britain is what I've been watching lately. I no longer buy DVD's - as you can download it, stick it to your USB memory stick, stick it to your DVD USB slot and voila!

I've been a fan of Matt Lucas and David Walliams' comedy sketches called "Little Britain". This is only one of the British comedies I watch aside from "Absolutely Fabulous" (That one is highly-recommended).

These two comedy geniuses are playing all the characters in their sketches. Most of the characters they played are well-loved in the UK, I bet some of them are now icons like Vicky Pollard, Marjorie
Dawes from Fat Fighters, and Daffyd (played by gay actor Matt Lucas). David Walliams plays Lou Todd (Lou and Andy) and the ever-lovable Emily Howard.
I guess for someone who does not appreciate British comedy, Little Britain is highly-recommended. This can serve as your "British Comedy for Dummies".

Their latest episodes are being shot in the US and is known as "Little Britain USA"