After the 10-Day Holiday

This is a picture of me on the 2nd day of my 10-day hoilday experience in Catanduanes during the last days of 2008 and first few days of 2009. The face is still stressed out from the pre-holiday work.

This next photo was taken the 4th day of January. Notice that my face and my upper body looked healthy.

And this photo was taken an hour before my flight back to Manila on the 7th of January. I never looked this healthy.

In the 10-day vacation, I gained 14 lbs - and my belly, butt, and legs gained so much fat. I think I should resort to fat burners if my exercixe routine to get back in shape for the summer 2009 does not work.

Word of advice: stay away from this very sumptous and tasty Humba if you are very conscious of your weight, a pork belly delicacy famous in southern Luzon and the Visayas. This all-time favorite food is always present in every kind of occasion especially in Catanduanes. It has been part of my diet during the holidays.

I have no regrets, I know I can burn the fat off in 3 weeks.

More holiday pics to come!