Random Before 2008 Ends

I bet wedding invitations has been sent to everyone for the upcoming "bestfriend's wedding". So many people from the two families will attend for this event, I had to book my flight and my hotel for the 10-day stay at a very beautiful island known to have white sand beaches less the fabulous night-life compared to Boracay. Its an island where frequent visitors are known to have brought more than 100 kilometers per hour winds. Its the island of Catanduanes. Soon I will be posting pictures from this untamed island.

Now I'm missing everyone at work and feeling nostalgic to the events that happened this month of December.

Have you seen this video in YouTube? Remember the picture I posted earlier about me dressed as drag? Well, here's why I had to do it.

The Dreamgirls of 2008 (video after the jump!)

Enjoy :-)