I'm Off To A Good Start

There's been too much planning and working on my past relationship. It was indeed charged to experience: never believe in promises, never express yourself too much, never demand even though you are not and not trying to be too demanding just do what you have to do to name a few.

There is no time to mope around now. It will take years to be myself and be emotionally and physically ready - but when that time comes I know I can prove myself and to him that we could've been better - that I shouldn't have been dumped.

It's now the best time to start that. I have the movie on my mind playing and playing several times everyday and I intend to keep it and make it a profound realization in the future. I never lost you, you've lost me.


Rhodaline said...

I'm sorry about what happened..it won't be easy but I'm sure you'll feel way better soon if you would allow it :)

by the way, care to exchange links? I just got back to blogging and I want to build up my links again :) I'd love to hear from you..have fun :)