Gone For The Weekend

I will be gone for the weekend - all efforts has now been exhausted and all hope is going to a low point. I just found out that the reason he broke with me is that I am too intense and demanding. That's his point of view. My point of view on my end is that he doesn't know how to express his feelings - he just keeps things to himself and after collecting it inside he will just burst out - then it will hurt other people. Like what he did. See, all along I thought everything was smooth and okay. It was not brought up to my attention early on in the relationship - this long distance relationship by the way has almost 24/7 communication lines open. That bothers me because all those times we talked and shared things as much as possible - I never saw this coming.

Communication is not just important - you also have to be straight and open to your feelings. I too was expressive of my feelings he bugged him to make that last minute decision. Again, I see this reason lame and too petty.
I need to relax in a few hours.