Resurrecting a Dead Past to Save One's Ass

This post is a little bit different from my previous posts - I just had to say this here so I can breathe this out of my system. A lot of things has changed in my career and this year was not the best year in my office and in my line of duty. I was just surprised last week when I learned that my name is being dragged again - well it was previously dragged and torn into pieces until they decided to pull out the "kryptonite" out of my umbrella and place it on its original umbrella, know what I mean?

Apparently, it could have been my duty to send the changes and updates to make the work effective on new hands.

Well I say this, "The updates are no longer valid because things has been changed - again."

Once I set my on the office, I'll wait for an email to have me send those past updates. I'd be more willing to if asked, but placing the blame on me again, that's another story. I've had my share of it in the past 2 months - I wish people can give it a rest now because I am trying and doing my best to reclaim my good name and be good at what I do and pick where I left off.

By the way, nothing beats talking watches.