Moving On

Today, I still feel blessed because of the support I received from my family and friends. There is no way but to move on and fight for more. Life is too short to mope around and think about the pain. I am no longer the weak person I was in the past 3 days - that's enough. Do not weep on someone who is not worth weeping for. Let karma take its course on him as they say.

I still feel rage at this point but I know he doesn't care if he knew or not. I don't care either. It has been a journey and this experience definitely helped me learn a lot of things.

My courage is my best ally now - and there are more things in life to savor and treasure.

And yes, I have to lose some weight and bring back myself in shape! No more diet pills.


dazedblu* said...

Hey folk, how are ye doin?