It Could've Been Our 4th - But I Have To Move On

Yes. I've made myself busy in days just to let go of the bad things that happened. It only made me realize now that somehow I am all to blame for my own misery.

Yesterday I was able to catch some news about what happened to him. He is still sick - and I do not know if its really true. Then I got the real score from himself. It is true and he will undergo several procedures. I can tell now why he ended our relationship.

On his last notes to the HR he said for now he is unable to take the job in Manila. Still feels like hanging in there.

I do wish him well, and right now I want to hit myself with some ball lock pins for being so reactive to him. Well, he didn't inform me that he is seriously sick, I thought its just a simple case of cold.

I won't expect something now, somehow I managed to move on a bit. We'll see what happens when we talk again. If it happens, it happens.

Like he said to me, "Everything happens for a reason".