What A Busy Week

The clients are coming over from different parts of the world in the office and I must say I've never seen so many busy co-workers in my life - all in the same week - and that includes me. It was busy but not toxic - as a matter of fact its been fun.

Chocolates are one of the reasons why its been cool at work this week - everyone needs a sugar rush.

As for the past few days there were some people at work who made me a bit irritated (but not in my team). Since I got myself in this wonderful relationship with my love, there were some not-so-close people who would think things differently. Well, its normal and all I did was just shrug it off my shoulders and don't think about it. But last Wednesday it was different - it set me off in a bad bad mood. I know myself better b*tches.


Hey baby, my apologies last Wednesday (I know you said its okay - just had to say this again LOL). The things you have said to me that night through text is the most wonderful thing you have said to me in days - it made me cry and made me drink a bottle of beer. LOL. I must say I am at my happiest state everytime I'm with you.

From all the love, hard work, and acceptance you gave me these past few weeks since you left- I am lost for words to say what I feel, I'm just thankful and will always be thankful. I love you so much baby.

Soon we will be together - and definitely we will catch up!

Here's a video for you. *kisses:

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x