The Week 7 Weekend

Been missing my love so much lately and I can tell this is normal in a long-distance relationship. These things will make us strong. Absence makes the heart go fonder.

My baby will be going to Northern Pride 2008 this weekend (and he didn't know about where his friends are taking him until I made a call - because of what I checked in Google about the latest happenings in Newcastle). I may appear as a stalker here but what can I do? I have nothing to do in my desk at the moment so I made an innocent research myself. We laughed over the phone when he found out, and that I knew so much more than himself.

I'm the only gay in the village who hasn't been to one single gay pride event. I'm a loser in this gay world.

Anyway, minutes from now I might be going out somewhere with a good friend and spend a day at home till my baby comes back on Sunday.

Can't wait to see his sexy new haircut.

I miss you still - but I know it won't be long.

I love you.