Its been a stormy weekend and it almost killed me last Saturday night with the power interruption before the typhoon hit Manila. Why? Because it could've been our weekend moments online, yes with my love!

Good thing we were able to catch up yesterday and talked for hours, played online Bingo, and more things. It was so far one of our memorable moments, because we both enjoyed staying at home and keep each other in good company.

He's now flying to Ireland to train more people (at this moment he could've been tucked in a plane now). He'll be gone for a week so I am happy now that he's busy again. He'll be all alone for days and its actually a bummer he was not given access to put Skype in his office laptop.

We have MSN and postpaid internet phone anyway so I'd still be in touch with.

God how I wish he gets to be sent back here for work in the next two months because after that, I need to be more inclined in "time management" things.