Packing Up

Well, we'll never know - things might just come up right in front of me and see myself packing stuff for me to leave. It has been my dream to settle somewhere in the world and start a new life. My relatives has instilled on me the thought of leaving your country for a successful career abroad equals success. I don't see it that way - maybe just a bit. For me, its more of a second chance to make a difference in life and live life to the fullest in a foreign land. I've reached the age of making big choices in life for greater good. Sooner I might just pack my things inside a Rimowa luggage and face the world with flying colors.
Aside from facing the chalenges ahead, I am also looking forward to spend my life with my love - that is the most ultimate thing I am looking forward to.
My love and I are now looking at options on how we will work our relationship out. It's a big task but enjoyable. I'm all positive about it!


mrs.j said...

goodluck in all ur endevrs..


any pix of ur hubby to share?