Its Been A Week

I am still feeling a bit lonely without my love's presence. Week one has past and now there is a possibility of seeing him again. Waiting time would be 7 more lonely and heart-wrenching weeks of waiting - and hopefully less than that. I terribly miss him and in the past days - our relationship is build over the internet by chatting and using the internet phone. Its quite hard but like I said to him to make him stop cry: "We'll get by and soon we'll be together for good".

The "I Love You's" and "I Miss You's" never stopped. And yes we just can't stop.

I sent him this video to remind him of what I feel for him, and now I'm sharing this to you:

Leigh Nash's "My Idea of Heaven"

We'll get through this tough times I know - for now we just let ourselves be fueled by love. Corny as it may sound but yes, it can be our source of energy to survive these trying times.