What It Feels Like For a Boy

Someone in the elevator tagged me as "The Epitome of Lust"

How cool was that? The reason why I have this tiger-look when I got back from my early break today.

I'm so lucky to have done what I've done - I learned so many things and experienced the feeling of what its like to be an office ho. Like I said, I don't give a f*ck at all - we are all judgmental in so many ways but at the end of each day - people will look back and say "He's had the time of his life, and it was good". No regrets.

When will I start experiencing these things - when my hairline recedes? No way.

The Epitome of Lust is now in the limelight, and I have to live with that going forward. The Workplace Matinee Idol is now a Britney.

Have a great Friday everyone - more margaritas please :-)

I am not ready yet to open the can of worms - for others have opened it for me.

"Life is a bitch, and I'm her daddy"

Sandra Dee


Josh of Arabia said...

you sounds like about to explode here in this post..

thank for visitng nga pala..balik k:)

cigarette-girl said...

i'm curious. what does the epitome of lust look like?