Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie

Things that I learned from a previous experience somehow made me think that you should not - or never ever fall in love to a person whom you just had an intimate encounter - anything that includes a random dinner date and maybe a kiss - a good friendly kiss - and the likes.

After you had your intimate encounter, you should IMMEDIATELY shrug it off your shoulders and say "It was one hell of an experience, I may or may not ask for more, but do not expect for more. Never mess it up and leave it that way."

As you go on with your life, you may go ahead and think of the intimate details but not too much, for it will mess you up. Just one single cute thing that tingles your soul will send you straight to that eeky feeling of infatuation.

Having these things at the moment feels like hell - argh!

What a week.


ester's daily thoughts said...

as long as you had a good time..but who knows
Hi James got a tag award for you

cecille said...

hey, been reading your posts and i think i can relate to this whole 'thing' you just experienced.learned some lessons too. anyway, i'll add you to my blogroll can visit my site too. nice blog btw. =)