One of Those Moments


I’m one of the chosen few
Who went ahead and fell for you
I’m out of vogue, I’m out of touch
I fell too fast, I feel too much
I thought that you might have
Some advice to give on how to be
I really should have known
By the time you drove me home
By the vagueness in your eyes
Your casual good-byes
By the chill in your embrace
The expression on your face
That told me
Maybe You might have some advice to give
On how to be


I now understand how it feels when you let someone feel you love them and they simply just toss it aside like nothing.

Guess its time for me to pick up the pieces once more and try to collect what is left of you. Probably get myself some
Sea Pines rentals in a few weeks and live my life as a bum - some hot vacation destination perhaps. Argh! I don't know yet. Too much is going on in my life and there is a need to keep myself together.