Bleeding Love - Still?


I remembered one of my good old friend's advice:

"Whenever you tell yourself you don't want to see this person again or you want to shut down yourself completely to this person, you will always end up meeting or connecting to this person in the most unexpected moments"

Well, days ago I told myself that I will be back to my old self again. I completely discarded everything I've felt in the past with this special "workplace" person - he's no more the apple of my eye. This person will just be my friend. No more office-related inspiration.

Yesterday, I received a text message. This person asked me if I am now in the office. I said I'm on my way. Apparently he was alone and needs company and it felt there is some urgency there. He needs company.

An hour later, I arrived at the office roofdeck only to see him occupied with his present flame.

Lesson learned: never expect and always expect the unexpected.

I felt neglected there for a bit - maybe because his need half an hour ago has been fulfilled, and my services are no longer needed.

Today, while doing my beauty regimen, as I was applying my best anti wrinkle cream onto my face (yeah, I really take care of myself these days) I received another text message from him asking me if I'm coming for work. Too bad I'm on leave. I guess he's alone again. Told him I'm on leave, and to keep him company electronically, we exchanged a few random messages until we stopped replying to each other. He must have been occupied then.

These are the harsh realities of life I'm experiencing ever since. It's okay. My heart's buffed enough for these petty things. Life has to move on.

The only question is "when will I ever learn"? When will these things end, or should I say, when will someone see me more than just a buddy?


wanderingcommuter said...

i think, ang tawag jan, eternal recurrence. ang ideya na binabalikan mo na lang siya dahil alam mong anjan siya...

it will fade away, i hope. sooner or later.

mrs.j said...

naku hirap yan teh..


wala ko masabi kasi may ganyang syndrome din ako..

ay,,, neng bet mo mag PETA?

aral tayo ng workshop?