More Bliss

It's been a happy birthday week for me and I'm gathering my thoughts on how to describe it in writing. I just turned 24 last Friday, and I received numerous greetings from people who's clsely connected to me. I have a few pictures of my presents (I should get Kodak Gallery coupons myself),but recently, my trusty notebook at home that connects me to everyone on the net has gone busted after our balcony got strucked by lightning last Thursday (my computer table sits near the area) - I'm a geek but I think it caused damage to my computer's circuit.

I also received quite interesting gifts: a bottle of wine, a rose, a "bouquet" of balloons - and the most special gift ever: LOVE.

And that kept me pre-occupied over the past few days although I feel sick at the moment - I don't care, as long as I'm loved.

More to come.