Life is indeed a Bitch - she got pregnant that's why I'm marrying her!


So many things are going on in the 5th month of 2008. Year of the Rat has never been this bitchy - probably I'm being a dad to it if you know what I mean. I even hate that phrase "you know what I mean". You know what I mean?


I recently blew my chances of being un-single after deciding to take the risk again of getting hurt, I just concretely concluded that this person won't be the one for now. What made me decide to move on and forget this insensitive person for the meantime (or possibly for good?).

I've had had my share of "rubbing salt in an open wound" incidents since Monday - like today, seeing two people wearing the same striped-yellow polo while on the way to the office roof deck - then this special person will see you while you're smoking a fag - smiling and waving at you and all. What the f*ck is that?

Really, that made my day - aside from other personal hang-ups.

Like I said, I could've done more to get this person for good but this f*cking principles of mine is keeping me circling around the same sh*tty state.

It's sad to know the reality of it all and pretend to the world that you are a survivor and that you don't feel any pain from anything. If they see you falter, theirs would end the same sad fate as if they are mourning with your loss. That means more salt will rub in creating more pain in the affected area. You know what I mean?

"You know what I mean?"



wanderingcommuter said...

aaaahhhh...ouch..such a shame. hidni ako nakailag...

this is a nice post...two thumbs up..