Don't Worry, I'm Fine


This is going to be a bit long - so please brace yourselves.

Keeping things in place has never been this so easy. It was actually a breeze. My heart has been buffed I guess. It was a memorable Friday morning at Eat My English - when one of my fab friends invited me over for a drink. What used to be a single bottle of beer turned into 4 bottles to help me take the salt - being rubbed in my fresh but cute wound.

EME has been a haven for my emo needs for the past two months. But let me clarify this: I'm not an EMO. EME's cocktails and drinks helped me kept my sanity from work and of course - my frustrations.

As I was finishing my 1st and should-be last bottle - the salt dealer arrived, along with the lemon. It was a perfect cocktail experience, it intoxicated me big time.

Hours of fun, dancing showdowns, and booze later - I realized this one thing that should've stayed in my micro sd sized memory: YOU ARE BETTER OFF ALONE.

In a split second everything that happened in the past week played fast-forward and realized that again, I lost my grip on myself. It took me just one photo-opportunity for me to pick up what was left of me. One shot of these two people who looked cute in my digital lens.

After that, I heard murmurs. They said I'm plastic. No, it's my way of embracing the truth no matter how bitter it is. You just have to grab your Ferrero's to kill the taste.

I'll definitely wear a smile on Monday - I've pampered myself so much this weekend - and grabbed the opportunity to achieve hours of sleep.

Again, to this special person whom I admired and where I took my drive to work everyday - I'd still be a friend and as much as possible, I won't feel that way again towards him, but the good memories will definitely stay. He will definitely have my support anyways.


I will never change the way I am for any reason at all - including my infatuated moments. This is me and this is what I'm good at, cheering and putting smiles in people's faces. I will always wear my cloak just to keep my inner most, sensitive feelings inside. I do not want to bare my real self - I'll let people around me judge me as an airhead, a queer, a flirt. Let me wear my cloak - this is my shell. Just knock me the right way - I'll open up and show my soft side.

No more aloof moments - because I'm back to my loud old self. I could've been loved If I weren't loud, that's what I learned. So what if I'm loud?

Happy weekend. I still sound bitter huh? More happier posts coming up!

*hello to my alcohol buddies, who are also salt dealer's alcohol buddies :-) thank you for rinsing it out with Iced Margarita - and please keep my website a secret, okay?