Several mind f*cks and a couple of drinks gave way for more connection with this special person. This special one has proven himself to me as one of the most sensible people I've met in my entire lifetime. Its not yet safe to say I've found what I want, because the two days is not enough for me.

I never took advantage of the moment when I was with this person, because its too early, and I don't want to drive this person away from me. It felt good inside while having hours and hours of conversation with this person. I loved every moment of it. This person has gained my trust and my respect and my goal is just to nourish it with some attention and detail in the next few days.

I could've said what I felt inside. Again, it's too early to tell. He is the one I am looking for - the exact things I want in a person are all in this one complete package. I'm lucky enough to spend some time with you. For now, I can say "I could not ask for more", but "I am looking forward for more" with you, to feel contented.

I wish I'm yours, I wish you're mine.