Work on a Holiday

Whenever I fall out of places I always dream of the person that lurks the innards of my sub conscience. I dreamed of him but in my dream I learned that he is not interested in me. I felt like shit when I woke up this morning.

I was expecting to have a good time outside of my home-base but due to extreme tiredness from my trip to a resort in Binangonan, we decided to cancel it.

This has somehow made me depressed too, that is why I decided to come to the office on Monday. I need work to keep myself pre-occupied and to stop thinking about the loneliness and my inner paranoia.

When I report for work on Monday, it will be doubly paid and I can get the chance to see the person who keeps me motivated.

can't find the right picture - my apologies

Argh, I hate office romance. It's quite risky and at the same time pleasurable.


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