The Week That Was

Finally the work week is over! I've been dying to spend time for myself after having one of the most stressful weeks ever. Work and other people from work has made me frustrated, so frustrated feels like I used Orovo. I lost a few pounds actually - although I still looked buffed and a bit beefy.

My apologies for the last post about Cebu nurses - especially to other bloggers concerned about the person's video being posted, I intended to post this video for the purpose of making it known to bloggers around the world and to make it as an eye-opener to everyone in the medical field such as myself (somehow I was one before). Up to this date, this person being operated in the video is still unkown to general public, but to give him respect, I will edit the post and have the video removed. I'll just leave a link for the video but for now, give me this weekend to have it embeded.
I appreciate the comments especially from my fellow blogger, Remcyl.
Enjoy the weekend everyone!


Remcyl said...

Thank you james. I too am a student nurse so I understand patients' privacy in fragile situations such as the incident. The video was deleted if I'm not mistaken so I guess there's no need to edit out the post.

For now, let's just hope the poor guy gets his justice. :)