Under the Magnifying Lens


I've entered a scenario where my office habits will soon become detrimental to my existence in our company. I am used to things which have proven a win-win process over a period of twelve months. Every week, I used to finish my work in a span of 3 to 4 days within a 5-day work period, making my 5th day the most relaxing day in the office. I blog to kill time - though blogging doesn't eat much bandwidth like imeem and YouTube - never thought that killing time through writing everything you have in present life could help me keep a savings account well fed every month.

If I don't want to be in front of the office PC, I just go out for a smoke and catch up with some good old friends - making sure that everything is fine before leaving the desk. These are the reasons why I don't want to leave our department despite numerous internal job postings - I love our team and my comfy office floor. The salary is just so-so but the non-monetary things I value are just hard to resist.

Last Friday, the day which has become toxic for the first time in years changed everything. I never sent too many emails about clarifications and office-related angst in the history of our account. Worst, my boss saw me reading a blog. I am just reading a blog - not using streaming services. The week before Friday, I learned that some eyes are prying on my office habits - taking breaks, desk activities, and such. Talk about looking for holes.

Argh, I just dunno why me. I am not vying for a higher post nor making friends with the office authorities to get something out of it - I'm still their plain old employee juggling office work and stress-related things - just a normal imperialist slave if I may add.

I will do my best to be out of the lens for the week and be a kiss-ass.