Taking Things One at aTime


"I did not expect to come 3 hours early on a Monday. Few heads turned as I entered the premises and set up my work PC. I did expect you, but you haven't arrived yet. An hour before the shift started, I decided to take bum a light upstairs. It was my second, while puffing up the first one, I did expect you, but you haven't arrived yet."

"Then I decided to take a bite 30 minutes before the shift, my stomach's gurgling from too much brewed coffee. Three mugs of black coffee. But I decided not to eat, instead I took a glass and rehydrate myself. I did expect you, and you were eating your early dinner. I was happy because the sight of you made me happy and at the same time nervous - from too much coffee I guess"

"We smoked a few butts and headed on to our professional lives."

"I thought its going to end there but hell no, you surprised me when you asked me to take the break with you. That was something I did not expect. Poker-faced, we headed outside and spent a few minutes."

"Monday has been good to me, I tell you. Can you make my Tuesday as good as it was yesterday?"

"Seeing you is enough reason to hold on to life - you don't know how much I value you, your mysterious yet charming personality, your views on life and all things under the sun - I wish I can just get out of my shell and tell you these things."

"Thanks for f*cking my mind - you never f*cked it good like anyone else who f*cked it. It was a good mind f*ck."

"And one by one the nights between our separated cities are joined to the night that unites us." -
-- Pablo neruda