Leandro Okabe at Sex-y in the City: SG Fashion Festival

It was Hot! Hot! Sex-Y Red Hot! at the men's underwear show at this year's Singapore Fashion Festival held last April 5, 2008, with temperatures soaring as hot bod after hot bod filed past on the catwalk in little more than their underwear! - from AsiaOne
And here's one of favorite hot models, Leandro Okabe - he definitely changed a bit (according to some, there is a change in his thighs - probably the indoor lighting made it bigger in picture) but he is still HOT - at least the cute face hasn't changed. Last year he was in Bangkok, then Sao Paolo, and lately in Singapore. Imagine, he is only a few hours away by plane on the first week of this month. I could've set my VL for him - just to see him in flesh!

Wanna see Leandro Okabe in action? Video after the jump:


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous and hot!!... Just Love them,...
Hi James passing by