It feels great to wear black when...

- you feel sexy

- you feel like you are losing that bloatness

- you feel good about yourself

Today, I am wearing black, the color I consider the anti-thesis of pink, when mixed with black, can become classy and cool. Others see the pink in me, other love to look and judge the black side of me. If you know me, you will see the pink in me. When you just heard me from someone else or seen me from afar, you will always see the black in me. This is the problem.

As much as I want to penetrate other people's lives and show the jolly side of me, I will always be misunderstood. Here's the thing: I may appear to you as strong but I am soft as a pink cotton candy inside. I may appear flirty and promiscuous but, hell no, I value my preferences. I've shown a lot of pink in me to my closest of friends, others not-so-close has seen them but it freaked them out.

Sometimes I wish I can be just anyone else in the office, just plain and normal person. I wish I can go back to where I started, I was someone who is not a high-maintennance person before. Where I am right now is full of complications, I just wish I can get my message across in a clear manner.

Now I wear black because some people made me this way. I'll bite into it for now.

I'm more than just a gay person, please disregard my airhead image.

Quiero conocerle mejor, pero su grupo parece intimidado con mi presencia.