Eat My English

"Eat My English" is one of my co-worker's newest discovery. It's a place where you'll find grammatically-incorrect English sayings and quotes posted on walls and lots of common Filipino comfort food. The place is comforting and at the same time hilarious - once you get to read all of the sentences posted in every wall from inside to outside. I've got some shots of the comical wallpapers below.

"That's what I'm talking about it!"

This is where I now hang-out with some colleagues and clients from the office. It's a place where you can just chill out every morning after a stressful night at work. Janina San Miguel and Melanie Marquez can also feel "at home" at this place.

"I'm a very very bad boy"

Booze is cheap in this place - from the common San Miguel Light buckets to cocktails like Margarita for my Senorita and Screwdriver. Food is also delicious - that is why they call it "comfort food" - but some of them are just not right for my waist line, but still worth trying. Try their tuna sisig and you'll be fine.

"Just one of them straight-looking people" pose


mrs.j said...

been here 1s sa my ortgas...

mz u to james! painum k nmn!

ohmski said...

seriously, d nga? may ganyang gimikan?