Basketball Day


I just boought my very own basketball - yes, I will play and learn the art of basketball.

Reasons why I didn't learn playing this sport 15 years ago? Here's a list:

-My father was too busy at the time when I was still a boy

-When my parents separated it was the time when I was still in the learning process. Chose to be with my mom - so no more hoop sessions

-My uncle went to Australia: I believe he was the last close relative I have who knows how to play ball. Got stucked with my aunts along with their Barbie dolls. It was an enjoyable experience.

-I'm afraid my that my face would be hit by the ball-I was still fat, so running is a death sentence for my legs and lungs.

-I hate the idea of sweaty team mates - I look silly inside the court

-My hands would get calloused-Saving my skin from darkening

-Sleep was more important to me than playing outdoors

Now, I'm turning 24 next month and since I stopped hitting the gym for 2 months now, I need something for me to sweat and maintain an active lifestyle. Plus, with too much attention I'm getting from this office magnifier - I can release the stress in the court along with my officemates from different departments.

Can't wait to play and learn basketball - I'll try to post pictures here in my blog.