When A White Guy Cooks Chicken Adobo

In the light of the beauty pageant boo-boo moment, here's a video of a white guy demonstrating how to cook our ever-famous Filipino food: Adobo. This recipe has indeed reached international status.

Hear him say words like "sangkutsa" and other Filipino kitchen terms you don't usually hear out from a foreign tongue. At least, it's not only Janina who is trying hard to speak a foreign language, this guy shares the same sentiments with her, only less the pressure and a coliseum-size audience.

If you need this recipe, Google it.

If I may add, I just decided to dismiss the idea of using my old handle name. I will now use the name given to me almost 24 years ago. This is because I felt I've come of age. Been using the nickname "Nadriamez" (which I made up in college for playing Diablo II) online for 5 years. Better drop it.


wanderingcommuter said...

no wonder many filipino cooks win foreigners' heart.

wala pa ring tatalo sa adobo!

russbaby said...

aba aba saan galing yan ha? hehehe