Just a thought

There are times where I am placed on the hot seat on the issue of sex, particularly my role in sex. My previous post regarding my failure in doing "my top duties" has been a source of laughter in the office sometimes. I guess you know what I mean. This is the time where I tried switching the other way around, only to realize that I can't: for now.

I wonder how many people like me prefers to be in the role similar to mine?

**I noticed that there were far too many gay men in my office. After the two offices of the same company (where I am working right now) merged 3 weeks ago in one buliding. I've never seen so many straight-confused, straight-curious, and out-ed gays in one building.

Sometimes I thought that being gay is becoming an overrated thing where any men can be one at certain point in time. It's up for them to be like that forever or take it as "just a phase" stage in their life and move on to be straight of forever confused closeted.

Ahh..mysterious sexual behaviors.