Got More Tan

8 hours ago, I arrived back home from Puerto Galera, a famous island summer destination in Mindoro, but has a lot to offer for people who can't afford to go to Boracay. It is also famous to a lot of gay men.

This is my first time to spend my Holy Week outside Metro Manila. Along with my co-officemates and other friends, we went there with our own summer quests.

Here's what I got - few pics to share:

Puerto Galera in sepia

getting my tan

my nemesis at modeling

under the sun

girlfriends in sepia

Chicken-ing out before snorkling

And the things I heard about Puerto Galera are in fact true. Even my mom forwarned me on the second night about getting sick and stuff - it got me into a bad mood while I'm there. In three days I've seen so many beautiful and promiscuous gay men but I was never enticed to do the things that they usually do in Puerto Galera.

The famous Jurassic Park from the boat - where it all happens.

For three nights, I mingled with a lot of people - mostly gay people (I'm a conversationalist), seen my former flame get as many men as he wants (have you read my account of my last Puerto Galera trip Parts 1, 2, and 3?), and realized a few things - don't forget to put your feet on ground level at all times, learn to forgive, learn to think of others, Dreamwave resort has the best vegetable curry on the island, and there are cheap residential units during peak season in Puerto Galera, as low as 1.5K a month - walking distance to the beach area.

Girls 3rd night-out

With Foxy Lady "Mamu" in her Beyonce outfit

The 2nd and 3rd nights are for me, the most productive - 2nd night I saw Vice Ganda got into a fight with a straight guy. Minutes later John Lapus mediated. 3rd night I was able to chat with some tattoo artists and my all time favorite impersonators - Foxy Lady Mamu and Fabulous Jimbee. Got myself an exclusive invite from them - hope I can invite them to stay in our place in Baguio to show my appreciation.

More Puerto Galera pictures at my Multiply Site.


Coldman said...

sarap naman ng bakasyon!

happy easter james!!

dyosa said...

madami bang tao sa puerto galera over the holy week?