There is this guy in the office that I really like. He's not that hot (his brother is actually but bleh..). I was given a chance to know him the whole Sunday night. Another why I like him is because he is like me. He knows how to start a sensible conversation. It was confirmed that the guy I like happens to be available in our market.

Last night I was under the influence of alcohol but in tolerable amounts. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions thus making you look like crazy. He is too and he gave me a hint. It was a confirmation.

I just don't understand why he got bashed by few of his officemates last night. It was a verbal bashing - referring to him. It was horrible, I felt bad for him. Why say offensive gay-bashing words to someone who is still inside the closet? Why not pick someone your own size?

I never got the chance to defend him. It'll just make things worse.