When you have 39 degree celcius fever...

..it's hard to look at your PC screen. It hurts a lot! (No opportunities for the meantime - the feeling is not good just by typing this post.)

..you won't get any night differential (and you are counting your sick leaves, I just spent my third SL for the year 2008)

..you can't swallow your food well (I am thanking the guy who invented "Cream of Mushroom", must be Mister Campbell)

..you will worry about the pile of work that you have to finish in three days (if my condition gets better for Wednesday) - I really do hope, I don't want to be sick on Chinese New Year. I'm a Rat!!!

..wait there's more, I'm worried about other people in the office (Hope you're alright there Thet, I am asking Lord to guide you tonight and keep you away from stress - I will check our emails later - my eye stings!)

> I feel blessed - my nose is clear now. aargh my muscle aches like hell, too.

this post was done in only 3 minutes. image search included.