What's in a gay diary this Valentine's Day?

Sometimes the thought of finding the right one can get really tiring. This valentine, you might have one of these sad thoughts:

He loves me but he can't. He is married.
He loves me but he can't. His parents belong to the first class. We have different status.
He loves me but he can't for now. He is a bread winner.
He loves me but he got a girl pregnant.
He loves me but he lives in a different country.
He loves me but we have different religion.
He loves me but I have a commitment to God.
He loves me but he loves another man. He's gay.
He loves me but he can't. He is dying.
He loves me but we can't be together. He is in jail.
He loves me but I just broke up with someone. I'm not over my past yet.

Para sa lahat ng mga single (like me!), Happy Hearts Day!

It feels great to wear black in the office on this special day :-)


bitterbitch said...

Yup! I TOTALLY AGREE! Wearing black on V-day really feels great.
Una, at least hindi tayo nakikisama sa mga punyetang nakapula! Pangalawa, it will look like we have been strucked by the seduction of black(CLEAR) hahaha.

Ako nga, nagpapictorial pa aq sa buong UST wearing black...ang background? Mga psweet na mag-on. hahaha.

AT may i add...may kulang pa sa sad thoughts mo.
He loves me, pero hindi sa paraang gusto ko. And he's staright. And he's too afraid to let his feelings show.

My Daily Thoughts said...

nakakaloka naman yang poem mo..but you know what, it's true and it happens all the time.