Rated PG: The Last Straw

Today is officially a week after the series of unfortunate yet very enlightening events happened in Puerto Galera. Now I felt better, so details of everything that happened there have somehow vanished from my memory. But the thing is, we can never rewind and redo the events.

What killed my vacation is the act of the special person (at that moment) having an ONS with a filthy rich guy. Again, that killed my ego and drained the beauty in me. Grudge has take its toll that fateful night. My belief in having a lasting friendship and possibly a relationship should have a strong element called RESPECT.
Respect to your friends, your special friends, and most importantly, yourself.

The moment they disappeared in my sight to have this temporary fun, I suddenly felt the urge to go back to my comfort zone: being single and unattached. The worst part is that I let myself be attached to a person whom I am unsure of, a person who has a lot of issues going on in his life. I accepted that fact and everything about him, but never did I get that acceptance in return.

Again, I'm a person with tons of patience, never expect. But sometimes you have to pull the last straw for you to survive these harsh realities. Accept it and move on.

"Don't leave this island or you'll appear like a sore loser"

These are the exact words my friend gave me that pushed me to pack my things before he arrives back in our room. I woke up the next morning, read all the messages I received from my loved ones in Manila. Only one thing popped in my mind that moment: LEAVE. I suddenly felt the need to re-claim everything I lost on the journey.

I didn't fix my hair, I just brushed my teeth, washed my face, and wore my favorite sunglasses before heading to the next boat to Batangas pier.

It was euphoric.
To be continued
"Human" by Human League