Protect Yourself with LifeLock


I've seen a lot of cases of identity theft while working as a debt collector for JC Penney and Walmart cards, and this is a very serious situation. Identity theft can happen to anyone and anywhere: at your local supermarket, your favorite coffee shop, and even at the comfort of your home using the internet. It is a struggle to clean up your name and someone's dirty act.

LifeLock's revolutionary identity theft system protect one’s identity as soon as one becomes a member. Alerts will be placed on all four of a member's credit reports from each of the major credit reporting bureaus. Block your credit today and protect your good name by getting your own LifeLock promo code.

Get started simply enter the LifeLock promotion codes in the promo field on the enrollment page on or you can follow the link below to be taken directly to the official site.If you prefer to enroll over the phone simply dial 1-877-LIFELOCK (54335625) on your mobile or landline number and when the operator asks you for your LifeLock promotion code mention the code RD11.

LifeLock provides you the following benefits:

* LifeLock provides you with assistance when you apply for credit

* Locking down your credit so only you can use it

* Pre-approved credit card offers will no longer be mailed to your residence

* Junk mail will be reduced

* LifeLock's $1 million guarantee that is backed by Lloyd's

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