My dog Cassie displayed a lot of cuteness in this picture below:

Which made her a bit famous online, thanks to c/o Chris Leavins from Los Angeles CA. He is a Canadian actor and a writer. Chris' site is famous for pets' and pet owner's cuteness sent from different internet viewers around the globe. Check out my pet's cuteness (and the owner as well!) HERE.

WARNING: Link to a hairless Asian included.

Chris has a channel in YouTube called CUTE WITH CHRIS in which he showcased his talent in comedy, making him one of the famous comedians on the internet today. I like his style and wit. Experience Chris HERE and see the ugly side of cute. Subscribe and be a fan like me!

Thank you Chris :-)


julia said...

hi po!
Happy Valentines!

(d2 na lng aq
nag iwan ng
msgs. sira kasai ung
cbox mo e, ni
refresh ko ganun pa rin.)

wanderingcommuter said...

is s/he a he or she? so cute...waaaahhh!!! i want a golden retriever...ano breed niya?