A Breather

I haven't been out for two Saturdays now. Usually at this time I am at this party place dancing and drinking pineapple juice and few sips of beer to kill the night away. I am recuperating from my dentist's traumatic hands: she extracted my jaw, not my molar. She's a dentist with a hand of a boxer.

I think I've become tired of the outside world. It's cruel out there and its quite costly, plus there is a possibility of seeing other person whom you haven't closed yourself to after a series of unfortunate events.

It's been a week since we transfered to this new office. I never got the spot I want but my spot right now rocks because I get to see people passing by beside my desk and less opportunities for me to doze a bit.

And I'm back to my old self again: sleeping 18 hours and then some, watching old movies, and connecting to old friends and peers through the internet. This is the old me and I missed it so much.

On my movie list today, I am featuring one of my all-time favorite: "I Am Sam"

This made me teary-eyed, and never fails to make me cry everytime I see this flick. I love Dakota Fanning here, and Sean Penn as well. Every scene is powerful for anyone's soul.

A lot of people I know have cried buckets of tears watching this, and the scene below (video after the jump) is in the first 15 minutes of the movie. Very touching scene, almost gave me a stroke.

Lucy: Daddy, did God made for you to be like this or was it an accident?
Sam: Ok, what do you mean?
Lucy: I mean you're different.
Sam: But what do you mean?
Lucy: You're not like other daddies.
Sam: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Yeah, I'm sorry.
Lucy: It's ok, daddy. It's ok. Don't be sorry. I'm lucky. Nobody else's daddy ever comes to the park.
Sam: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, we are lucky. Aren't we lucky? Yeah!


evie said...

i love that movie! i've seen it maybe a total of 2 times but it lives a footprint in your heart. i hope you prepared tissues (rolls or boxes, depending on preference, i spose) and lots of water as you might become dehydrated because of all the crying. but then again, i'm going by the assumption that you're as much a crybaby as i am!

pogingpayatot said...

agreed! the only movie that sent me home crying...

oh,tiktaktoys my kulukutoys starring serena dalrymple made me cry, too! i feel sorry for our movie industry.

~ zirquera ~ said...

hmmm :( the only movie w/c made me cry so hard.. this movie actually reminds me of my brother and his daughter. :)