All is fair in blogs and ranks

I've lost my faith in pageranks lately. From PR 2 to 0 - the last time I checked it was last November 2007. It somehow killed my passion in writing the things I love on the net. Until I discovered something wonderful over the Internet that measures all sites real-time Blog Ranks in the internet blogging world! is a recent innovation that gives motivation to anyone who lost their pageranks. It is a tool that ranks your bloggers like us based on real-time traffic and readership. That's real-time Blog Ranks! Look at the screenshot below. I just checked mine at 9:35AM EST and I am quite happy with the results below.

IZEARanks uses a piece of javascript to collect data to get one site's RealRank so you can forget about that other page ranks for the meantime. It means everything is measured fair and square so no worries for everyone who loves opportunities like me. As you go and look at your own site's RealRank, you can see pieces of useful information about your blog's weekly and monthly PageViews and Unique Visitors. There is also a line chart where you can see the trends on how your site performed well in the past few months.

The screenshot above made me happy and contented again. Thanks to IZEARanks, you helped me regain my blogging confidence!