YUWIE might be the next best thing!

Hey guys, this post is a fearless campaign for you to join this network called "Yuwie". This is not your ordinary Facebook or MySpace. The concept is the same, except you will earn money. That's right! You will earn, and that makes this one so influential.

I just joined, thanks to my friend and my personal optometrist, Kulyan.

Here's what he shared in his blog:

"When people are using Friendster and Myspace they are making funds for other people. They are being paid nothing at all. They are actually working for someone by providing substance to a site that makes money. On the other hand they could use Yuwie and get at least a piece of that funds. If I had been using Yuwie the whole time I've been on Myspace and Friendster. I would have at least made the minimum payout of $25.00 USD by now. How much was your payout for the others? Oh yeah, none."

"Even if Yuwie did NOT have a referral system, I would still choose it over the others just because there is an opportunity to make some money. People that are signing up seem to be missing the concept that they can use Yuwie just like any other social networking site. All you have to do is login and talk to friends. No one has to refer anyone. Just get on Yuwie to chat and have fun and never check your earnings."

"Eventually you'll reach that $25.00 mark and be able to get a payout. Yuwie will be around for years, just like Myspace, Facebook, and other social networking sites. When you do reach the payout minimum, which might lower by then, it will be the same as the feeling you get when you find $25.00 in your pocket that you forgot about. Even the feeling to know you are making money to talk to your friends is such a cool concept in itself that it made me want to join. I hope this helps some people really grasp what Yuwie is all about."

Sign in for FREE at Yuwie! It's just a click away, the links are in this post!